Performance Day: Short Stories, Poems, Film Criticism, and Other Writings from a Curious Teen

by amir ali said

Performance Day: Short Stories, Poems, and Other Writings from a Curious Teen, the debut book by teenage author Amir Ali Said. In this engaging, wonderfully written collection of short stories, poems, film reviews, editorials, mini-memoirs, and more, Amir Ali Said takes you into the mind of a New York City teenager, as he combines his imagination with his deep curiosity about the world around him. Endearing, thought-provoking, timely, entertaining, and, at times, shocking, Performance Day is that rare example of the emerging young author on the heels of a literary destiny. One of the most compelling and unflinching literary works from a writer in the prime of his teenage years, Performance Day will prove to be a book that's appreciated by readers of all stripes, but especially cherished and studied by teens and teachers alike for many years to come.

Paperback: 217 Pages
ISBN: 978-0974970448
Price: $14.95
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