The Truth About New York: The Long-Term Visitor's Guide to the City That Never Sleeps

by amir said

"With his book The Truth About New York, Amir Said turns the traditional city-guide on its head. Part advice columnist, part history teacher, part tour guide, part cultural anthropologist, Said leaves no part of the city unexamined. Hard facts are woven smoothly together with personal experience, making each chapter both remarkably useful and deeply relatable. Peppered with anecdotes, facts, and rich interviews, The Truth About New York covers every inch of New York City life, from the much needed basics — nightlife, food, and transportation - to the very real, less talked about details — dating, gentrification, and sex. Said's authentic, comprehensive analysis gives you all the information straight up, just the way New Yorkers like it. If you're planning on moving to New York City or just got here, or even if you've been here a while, The Truth About New York is a must read."                                                                                                                 —Emily J. Smith, Salon

“The ultimate New York City guide...a detailed examination of city life: from dining to race, education to sex, gentrification to multiculturalism... uncover the many layers of New York and its residents, warts and all.”     —The Village Voice

Paperback: 455 Pages
ISBN: 978-0989398671
Price: $24.99
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