The Truth About Paris: The Long-Term Visitor's Guide to the City of Light

by john mcnulty with amir said

Paris, the world's most visited city, is tough to figure out. For short-term visitors, this usually isn't a concern. However, for long-term visitors, figuring out Paris is a must. For instance, what philosophies do Parisians hold dear? What's the political reality of Paris? What's the business and work environment like? What does the race and ethnic picture look like in Paris? What's dating and sex really like in Paris? Understanding complex fundamentals like these is critical to a long-term visitor's stay in Paris.

For many, the task of learning Paris becomes little more than a wishful bargain with time. But time and patience alone doesn't necessarily help you figure out Paris! Moreover, many long-term visitors to Paris would rather not wait out some arbitrary time frame, with the mere hope that Paris will eventually reveal herself to them. Instead, they'd prefer to meet Paris head on, figure her out with some fundamental understanding about her already secured.

In some cases, this has meant talking with some friends or family who've spent time in Paris. More often, however, this has meant reading a Paris travel guide. But the typical Paris travel guide is geared for the short-term visitor, the vacationer, not the long-term visitor. That's what makes The Truth About Paris: The Long-Term Visitor's Guide to the City of Light, the innovative book by John McNulty and Amir Said, so useful.

The Truth About Paris is a book designed for the long-term visitor to Paris. And while it's a guide specifically intended for those who spend much more time in Paris than your average vacationer, it's truly a template for helping anyone interested in figuring out Paris.

Paperback: 250 Pages
ISBN: 978-0989398640
Price: $18.99